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Android Smart Phone Point of Sale

Receive payment using QR/barcode, Login name, NFC card | Initialize and personalize NFC card | Integrate with third party POS or ATM networks

  • Cyclos Mobile POS Launch
    Mobile POS Launch

SMS Payment

Register user by SMS | Retrieve account balance information | Make payment | Receive notifications by SMS

  • Cyclos eMoney Balance by SMS
    eMoney Balance by SMS

Mobile App Payment

Make payments from your Android & iOS smart phone | View account balance and history | View and search users nearby on Map | Add user to contact list

  • Cyclos Mobile App Login
    Mobile App Login

Mobile Vouchers and Loyalty Points

Create & manage vouchers types | Set voucher redeeming options | Generate vouchers and QR codes | View and search vouchers | Print & export vouchers | Accept Points as payment for vouchers

  • Cyclos Define Voucher Type
    Define Voucher Type

Online Payments

Make internal, bulk, external, PINless payments | Implement multi-level transaction approval | View transaction flow and details | Chargeback payments | Scheduled payments | Accept loan repayments | Make payments requests | Accept webshop payments

  • Cyclos Payment to User
    Payment to User

Merchant Marketplace

Create ad categories | Create and edit ads | Schedule ads | Browsing ads by category | List new ads | Contact seller | Get notificated on ad status changes | Get notified on Ad interests

  • Cyclos Generate Product Number
    Generate Product Number

Online Shopping

Multi-store management | Stock management | Out of stock warning | Promotional price | Price negotiation process | Product comments | Order tracking | Shopping cart | Accept / reject order | Order number generation | View purchases history | Notifications on order status changes | Save shopping cart

  • Cyclos Buy Voucher
    Buy Voucher

Account Information Management

View account summary, current balance, charges, fees, payment history | Search payments | View, print and export payment details

  • Cyclos Account Summary
    Account Summary

Agent and Broker Administration

Assign user to Broker |Broker user registration, user data management | Broker perform operations on behalf of user | Send messages to users | View connected users | Receive notifications about users | Manage passwords of user | Manage user access | Receive Broker commission

  • Cyclos User Search
    User Search

Analytics and Reporting

View data on expenditure, income, logins | Numbers of users | Percentage of users not trading | Account information | Advertisements | References | NFC Cards

  • Cyclos User Balances Overview
    User Balances Overview


User Interface

Web Interface | Android and iOS App | SMS Payment | eCommerce Payment | POS and NFC Card Payment

  • Cyclos Online Dashboard
    Web Dashboard

User Functions

Broker user registeration | Manage and update profile | User defined language | Geo-location with Google Map | Notification preferences | Manage contacts | User directory search

  • Cyclos User List
    User List


Easy navigation | Personal dashboard | Quick search  | Balance overview | Real time notifications | Login with phone number or login name | Context sensitive help

  • Cyclos Personal Dashboard
    Personal Dashboard

User Management

Disconnect, Block , Disable, Delete, Change user group | Grant user permissions | Perform actions on behalf of user | Activate ‘pending’ users | Send message to user or group | View connected users | Show user activities | Filter users | Define  agreement | Show brokers

  • Cyclos User Search
    User Search

Content Management

Customizable site design | Multiple websites | Custom themes, menu items, pages, banners, logos | Manage message board | Import / export themes

  • Cyclos Customized Themes
    Customized Themes


Send rich text messages | Send bulk messages | Define message categories | Forward internal messages to e-mail | Message history | Automatically purge messages | Member to member email messages

  • Cyclos Send Invitation
    Send Invitation

Passwords and Authentication

Login password | Transaction password | Verification code (OTP) | Change PIN | CAPTCHA input | Recover password

  • Cyclos Mobile App Login
    Mobile App Login

Alerts and Logging

Verbose error logging | Search errors by period and user | View error details | Generate notifications on error (email, SMS)

  • Cyclos Notifications

System Configuration

  • Multi networks on a shared instance
  • Multiple branches configured as groupsets
  • Unique URL (domain name) for networks and branches
  • Set group and branch visibility
  • Localisation (language, formatting, timezone) per group or branch
  • Create local account administrators
  • Customised filters for users and advertisements searches
  • Create new access channels
  • Define generated login name


  • Multiple translations (languages) per system
  • Incremental translation keys (only save customisations)
  • Online translation management
  • Category browsing
  • Search for translation keys / values
  • Update translation keys / values

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